Believing That Beautiful, Tender Moments Should Last Forever

“I looked like a princess” – Humbling words from Kristin Nordsby-Hough when seeing her wedding photo’s for the first time.  Kristin’s photographs allow her to experience an emotional connection with the way she looked and felt on the day of her wedding.  Preserving those beautiful moments is awesome.

As featured in My Bella Weddings, we concentrate on documentary style photography. Some call it photojournalism or candid photography.  Beautiful moments of love, tenderness and joy are captured as they occur.    The benefit to brides & grooms is that it keeps it real.  Disruptions are also minimized, allowing the day to be more fully enjoyed with family and friends.

Trust is essential, so we communicate.  We listen carefully because anything that’s important to you is equally important to us.  You will be confident that we’re prepared, and we will do our job without dominating your wedding.

Since being established in 2008, we have worked in many of the Aiken and Augusta wedding venues. We’ve also captured weddings in Savannah, Columbia, New Orleans, Castle Ladyhawke and a few others. Whatever you have planned in the Aiken & Augusta area, there’s a good chance we’ve been there.

We serve throughout Georgia and the Carolina’s. Contact us at 803-979-7293 to see how we can help. Every consultation is free, and there’s no obligation.

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Photography was one of the main priorities for my wedding, and I am so glad to have had you on board. You have truly had a hand in making this happen. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your professionalism, sense of humor, and ability to always be there. You were always a phone call away.

Gina Gonzalez - Bride - North Augusta, SC