Wedding Books for Brides and Parents

The walls in our house are adorned with photographs.  Not just from our own wedding, but also from those of our parents and grandparents.  They’re priceless photo’s that are seen every day, and we’re so fortunate to have them.  Advances in ink and paper allow us to create gorgeous books and prints that will last indefinitely.  Quite the opposite, digital photo’s stored on hard drives, memory cards, DVD’s, phones and the cloud will eventually die, get lost, or succumb to future technologies.  Failing to include books and prints can have consequences, not just for you, but also for future generations.

Flush-mount Wedding Albums (Wedding Books)

The term “Wedding Album” can have many meanings, so we call them “Wedding Books”.  Flush-mounts are the premier wedding book, and ours are hand-crafted in Italy.  The flush-mount process uses real photo’s that are affixed to a thick page or substrate.  The individual pages are cut to precise dimensions, and then attached to a spine.  They look awesome, and hold up extremely well.  The finished product is archival quality, so they should look as good in 50 years as they do when new.

Wedding books are available in a variety of price ranges and sizes, with the most popular size being 12×12 and 11×14.  Wedding books for parents are available in smaller sizes.

Sample layouts can be seen by clicking on the images shown below.  Contact me by phone (803-979-7293) or via my contact form to see physical samples.  You will love them!