Wedding Cakes and Wedding Cake Ideas

Brides put a lot of time and thought into finding their “perfect” wedding cake.  Cakes are something of a centerpiece at wedding receptions; they’re part of the decor.  A beautiful and well designed cake will always be noticed and remembered.

Wedding cakes are fascinating, and I’ve had the pleasure of seeing many gorgeous designs.  This gallery represents some of my favorites.  The creativity, imagination and artistic flare that goes into these blows me away.  The level of detail is so good that it can be hard to tell what’s real, and what’s made from fondant.

Take notice of the fine-art details and color reproduction in several of the close-up images. It’s almost surgical.  As you might imagine, this would be a time-consuming and tedious task.

The Aiken and Augusta area is blessed with a number of people that deliver beautiful cakes, but perhaps none better than Dianna Tornow.  I’ve only met Dianna casually at a few weddings, but I’ve seen and photographed enough cakes to know that her work is extraordinary.  Her website is Dianna Tornow Cakes, LLC.