I had the rare opportunity to photograph a wedding at Nottoway Plantation in July, 2010.  Nottoway is an antebellum plantation located in White Castle, Louisiana, roughly 20 minutes from Baton Rouge.

The wedding took place indoors in the White Ballroom.  The name is derived from the simple fact that everything in the room is white, including the walls, ceiling and floor.  You might think that a white dress doesn’t photograph well against an all white background, but there is just enough contrast to make it work.  If you’re considering the White Ballroom, just keep in mind that they only provide chairs for family members; everyone else stands in rather tight quarters.  Nottoway hosts many outdoor weddings, but these folks decided not to torture their guests with all the heat & humidity that occurs in July.

In addition to the White Ballroom, there are several colorful rooms that are usually available for photo’s.  The best photo-ops, however, occur outdoors after the ceremony.  The grounds are drop-dead gorgeous, complete with fountains, the main plantation house, gardens, and beautiful old oak trees – you know, the type where the limbs nearly touch the ground.  And don’t forget the Mississippi river in the background.

Nottoway has a spacious and air-conditioned reception facility that can easily accommodate a large crowd.  They have a bridal suite and several other rooms that are available for guests who don’t want to travel after the reception.  Overall, it’s a sweet location, and it was a tremendous experience.  If you’re looking for a Nottoway Plantation wedding photographer, I’m your guy!

There are a few sample photo’s in the wedding gallery on my website.  My contact details can also be found there.