Bethany and Lewis planned to hold their ceremony near the reflecting pools in Hopeland Gardens. A tent with tables and a dance floor was setup for dinner and the reception. Sounds awesome! But nature had different plans, as constant rain throughout the day forced a change. Everything was soaked, and there were puddles on the dance floor.

So they had to improvise by moving the everything inside the Rye Patch. There weren’t enough tables to seat everyone at the same time, so their guests ate in shifts. The staff at the Rye Patch were extremely accommodating, and the guests mingled and had a great time until their turn to dine. Beef brisket was on the menu, and while it’s very popular in many parts of the country, it’s a bit rare to see it served in South Carolina.

The Rye Patch is co-located with Hopeland Gardens, making it one of Aiken’s finest and most convenient wedding and reception facilities. The grounds are beautiful throughout the year. Rye Patch has multiple rooms both upstairs and downstairs, making it easy for brides and grooms to remain separate prior to the ceremony. Two of the rooms are great for bride & groom photos.

Bethany and Lewis are an awesome couple, and they certainly had a wedding that will be long remembered.