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Samentha (yes, it’s spelled correctly) and William were married at the fantastic Southern Oaks Plantation in New Orleans.  They are a terrific looking couple, and a delight to work with.  The way they looked at each other during the ceremony and first dance speaks volumes about their love for one another.

Sam and her family are originally from New Orleans, but currently live in Minnesota where she met William.  Most of the bridal party hailed from Minnesota, and like most visitors, they were having a blast in New Orleans.   This was my first trip to Southern Oaks Plantation, and it’s easy to see why they picked that location.  The venue is drop-dead gorgeous, and has a romantic atmosphere that’s second to none.  The horse drawn carriage, driven by Lawrence Albright, was a bonus.  Lawrence has been doing this for more than 20 years, and has appeared in several movies, including Night of the Museum.  The staff at Southern Oaks Plantation is fantastic, and everything runs like a Rolex.  As one might expect, they know how to cook!